Do you ever suddenly remember things that you had thought you have forgotten and the emotions attached to those memories come rushing back and suddenly you realize how important it was to you and maybe , it still is ? Do you ? Because I do . A lot . A lot of times .
Sometimes I get lost , and I find myself in a street and remember it was the same street I walked on with a friend who has become a stranger to me .
Sometimes I come across old photographs in sepia and realize what I considered as a dream was my childhood .
Sometimes I find a song in my old playlists and how they got me through dreadful nights when the mornings felt light years away .

And I wish , how I wish , with aches and pangs , to revive every bit of detail related to that memory . But I can’t . Washed away with time , while I have been too busy , living , too busy socializing , too busy making it through another day , precious invaluable things have been lost and I couldn’t recover more than the traces.

Hence this blog .

To archive , a bit more than a trace , the places where I go , the moments I have cherished , the music I have loved , the sunsets I have dug , the food I have savored and the thoughts I have weaved , so that they are not lost , while I am too busy participating.